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Do Kangaroos Swim?

Written & Illustrated by
Co-illustrator Joshua Schiller

Joey, a baby kangaroo, loves to swim. One day his mother moves him to Uluru, a place with little water. Will Joey ever swim again? Find out in this charming tale that teaches children the meaning of friendship!

Genre: Children's


Published on 8/25/2018

ISBN: 979-8732936667

revised ed 12.30.21 Short.jpg

For Sale By Owner


As Kentuckiana braces itself for the hottest day on record, John must sell his recently deceased parent’s van. As a day of crazy buyers pushes him to the brink, a light-hearted young woman named Ariana may just be his saving grace.

Genre: Short Story Comedy/Drama


Published on 7/15/2018

ISBN: 979-8736573646


The Flower is Neutral

Keith Barnett Huff, Grace Guo, and Ridley Barnett

Eight poems and illustrations by Keith Barnett Huff with an additional two poems by Grace Guo and Ridley Barnett.

Genre: Poetry


Published on 2/14/2021

ISBN: 979-8645940300

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Herman the Penguin

Written & Illustrated by KEITH BARNETT HUFF
Co-illustrator Joshua Schiller

From the author of "Do Kangaroo's Swim?" comes a new children's book by Keith Barnett Huff, "Herman the Penguin." This book is a spin-off to a short story book that Keith wrote titled, "For Sale By Owner." Follow Herman, a penguin, as he works to be the best dad in all of Antarctica.

Genre: Children's

Paperback $9.99 ISBN:‎ 979-8646143571

Published on April 11, 2021

revised ed 4.20.jpg

For Sale By Owner (revised edition)


Jeffersonville, Indiana. On the hottest day of the year, John, a man in his thirties, is tasked by his sister to sell their recently deceased parents’ van. Unfortunately, the day does not go as planned as John must overcome a colorful array of crazy buyers and his own hesitation to sell the object that connects him to his parents. Will John be able to overcome his grief? Find out in this debut short story by author Keith Barnett Huff.

This edition of For Sale By Owner includes color film set photographs, the original screenplay and some behind the scenes information.

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Paperback $21.95 ISBN:  978-1955665018

Hardback $49.99 available only at Barnes &

Published on July 15th, 2021

Terror pt.1 Cover.jpg

Spring-heeled Jack or
The Terror of Louisville Part 1


An English Legend
July 28th, 1880. A mysterious flying ship enters the sky above Louisville, Kentucky. Spring-heeled Jack, a demon leaper of legend, arrives to terrorize the Derby City.
A Desperate Peace Officer
When religion plays a significant role in a man’s career, William Quillo struggles to make the grade of detective because of his wife’s Irish Catholic roots. But nothing will stop him from solving the mystery that is holding his city in awe.
A Secret Society
The Brotherhood of Khonsu, has an ungodly plan for Louisville. However, that plan is interrupted when Spring-heeled Jack steals the Brotherhood’s sacred artifact. As they hunt for the demon leaper, William Quillo is caught in the middle of legend and un-holy rituals.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Paperback $9.99 ISBN:

Hardback $19.99 ISBN: 978-1955665032

Published on July 28th, 2021

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